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One World Café Presents Alison Aston

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  • mum

    Hello Alison. Hope that you have had some good luck with y0ur novel. Ring us when you can xxxxx

  • sylvia collins

    Well done

  • Sylvia Collins

    Alison. You have got amazing talent. Hope that your book gets published. You really do deserve to be recognised. Love you always. from Mum xxxx

  • Dingo

    Fantasic! Brilliant! I can’t wait for more!

  • Suzanne

    Quelle hoot!! Gotta hear how it all turns out……

  • Jen

    This is awesome! I really enjoyed listening. The description of Sophia had me giggling so much. Writing style really flows and carries you along. Does she see Sophia again? I want to know NOW NOW NOW!

  • Larry

    Being quite of age, not ordained and not in any way affiliated with “The Beeb,” I listened to and was thus massively entertained by the chapter of Closet. I think back on when I was 23 – my ninth year of being 15 – and the me of then empathises strongly with the Rebecca of now. The emotional content is spot-on, and the arc of the episode just kept me happily running. Not to mention the rapid-fire figures of speech in Rebecca’s head – glorious! Audio production is grand! Can’t wait to read the book – except that hearing the author read will have spoilt me for the voice that reads in my head

  • Deb

    Wow! Such colourful writing, has you laughing and sighing within seconds. Jumps you straight into the shoes of Rebecca. Give us some more!!

  • Cath

    You are as sharp as ever! Amusing, engaging and amazingly clever use of metaphors and similies. Let us know the day this masterpiece is published. We will want signed copies. As we say in NZ…ka pai! Well done.

  • Tamar Zak-Collins

    It’s fabulous. Sophia is my favorite character ever! I love her!

    ‘You’re not one of those ‘real’ lesbians are you?’ LOL!!!!

  • Shana

    My comment got cut off. I’m going to the beach in about a month and your book needs to be in my bag! I’m going to get it…

  • Shana

    Enjoyed the reading. So funny. Rebecca’s a great character–she’s sarcastic and cute and serious…can’t wait to find out more.

  • Katie

    Brilliant, funny, engaging – can’t wait to read the whole novel!

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