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Ida Stewart Wins 2011 Perugia Press Poetry Prize

Ida Stewart is the 2011 Perugia Press Poetry Prize Winner for her collection, GLOSS. Each year, Perugia Press aims to publish a new collection of poetry by a woman at the beginning of her poetry career. The prize is for the first or second book of poetry by a woman. GLOSS is Ida Stewart’s first book. She is a doctoral student in creative writing at the University of Georgia. GLOSS will be published in September 2011.

From Perugia Press about GLOSS by Ida Stewart: “Like the Appalachian mountain setting from which GLOSS arises, the language in this collection is in flux, full of paradox and thresholds, each word and line a peak or a range. The poems consider the delicate relationship between humans and nature, lover and beloved, as well as the natural complexity of communication and utterance, the struggle to say the unsayable.”

For more information, visit Perugia Press here.


Shana Thornton
Shana Thornton serves as Editor-in-Chief of Her Circle Ezine and Assistant Director of the Institute of Arts and Social Engagement. Her first novel, Multiple Exposure, reveals an intimate, ghostly portrait of the impact of war, and generations of military service, on a family. Multiple Exposure will be available for purchase on Sept. 2. Read more at http://shanathornton.wordpress.com/
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