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Weekly Writing Prompt

Welcome to this week’s featured writing prompt. If possible this week, I’m visiting a vintage store again for the writing prompt. But this time, I’m looking for a specific muse—a photograph of a person—someone I’ve never seen until finding the photograph, someone in a vintage black-and-white picture, someone without a name or a story known to me. Go out and try to find a similar muse and create a new character, a fresh story or poem, and imagine the possibilities of that person’s life.

We enjoy hearing from you, so share your writing with us in the comment section below.


Shana Thornton
Shana Thornton serves as Editor-in-Chief of Her Circle Ezine and Assistant Director of the Institute of Arts and Social Engagement. Her first novel, Multiple Exposure, reveals an intimate, ghostly portrait of the impact of war, and generations of military service, on a family. Multiple Exposure will be available for purchase on Sept. 2. Read more at http://shanathornton.wordpress.com/
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