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New Release: Utopia & Contemporary Art

ARKEN Museum of Modern Art is pleased to announce the release of the book Utopia & Contemporary Art. The book is published by ARKEN and Hatje Cantz in connection with the Utopia project at ARKEN.

What is the status of the concept of utopia? What does utopia mean today? How is it explored, enacted and contested in contemporary art and theory? Within the last decade the contemporary art scene has witnessed a return of utopia and utopian thinking, manifested in various ways and in a range of practices. Whether detectable as an impulse, critically reassessed as a concept, cautiously or daringly articulated in a specific vision, utopia continues to matter. With contributions by academics, curators and critics the book Utopia & Contemporary Art investigates and discusses the current relevance of utopia and the different ways of thinking and performing utopia in contemporary art. The publication is supported by Nordea-fonden.

With texts by Inke Arns, Ildiko Dao, Stephen Duncombe, Christian Gether, Hou Hanru, Internationalistisk Ideale, Camilla Jalving, Simon Lamunière, Marie Laurberg, Malcom Miles, Richard Noble, Hans Ulrich Obrist, David Pinder, Jacob Wamberg, Rachel Weiss.

Edited by Christian Gether, Stine Høholt and Marie Laurberg.

To order a copy, please contact ARKEN: receptionen@arken.dk or visit www.hatjecantz.com for more information about distribution partners.

Coming titles:
Treffpunkt Berlin
Published by ARKEN
May 2012

India : Art Now
Published by ARKEN & Hatje Cantz
August 2012



Misty Ericson
Misty Ericson holds a BA in English & Comparative Literature from San Jose State University, California, and an MA History of Art from University of Leeds, UK. In addition to her work on HerCircleEzine.com, which she founded in 2005, Misty enjoys painting in her studio and restoring her home in the English countryside.
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