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One World Café presents Adriana Pàramo

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Adriana Pàramo spent years working as a geophysicist before realising that the only profession which would truly fulfil her is writing. Since then, she has been a writer of creative non-fiction who writes fascinating stories about real people she has met and real events she has witnessed in the world around her.

This world has shifted from Colombia, where Adriana was born and grew up, to the state of Florida in the USA, where she is now based. Proud of her Latino heritage and familiar with the challenges of moving to another continent to start a new life, Adriana turned her attention to the stories of other women from Latin America who have migrated to the USA in her latest book Looking for Esperanza (Benu Press, 2012). In 2011 Looking for Esperanza was the winner of the Social Justice and Equality Award in Creative Nonfiction.

In Looking for Esperanza, Adriana shows us a side of immigration that we don´t usually see. She tells the story from the perspective of women—desperate women, plagued by uncertainty—trying to do their best to support their children, who have a simple plan: make money and go back home as soon as they can. The book suggests that as much as Adriana loves the USA, her research has led her to realise that her adopted homeland is not as fair or as just as we would like to think it is.

Adriana also has another book coming out this year, My Mother´s Funeral (CavanKerry Press, 2012), a personal piece which takes her back home to Colombia. Every woman has a mother and stories to tell about their mother and every immigrant has a homeland and stories to tell about that homeland. In My Mother´s Funeral, Adriana shares stories about her mother and about her homeland of Columbia.

To find out more about Adriana and her work you can visit her website.


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