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Weekly Writing Prompt

Welcome to this week’s writing prompt. What does this image evoke? Try to think of more than one scenario. Allow the one that instantly comes to mind to fade, and see what else emerges. Please share your work with us!


Melissa Corliss Delorenzo
Melissa Corliss DeLorenzo is a writer, reader, yogini, mom, homemaker and the Associate Editor for Her Circle Ezine. She loves to cook and take long walks with her kids and is a woman who wants to meaningfully exchange and intersect with other women writers. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of Massachusetts and a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. She is at work on several novels. Melissa lives in North Central Massachusetts with her family.
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  • L. George Alexander

    Years ago when growing up, I often thought of myself as a prisoner of the house. I did not have a car and my father would not allow the women of the household to drive one. The only time the family got a second car was when my brother got his driver’s license and I had already left for good… Unless I had the money from babysitting to pay for a bus trip I wasn’t going anywhere when I was a child.. I often went outside barefooted to get the mail. I could not afford shoes.

    It sounds as if my father was an abusive man and he was. He was not a rare type of man in those days and I suspect these days. The woman in the window is looking out from her cage, her prison to people walking by on the sidewalk, driving by in their cars, children playing games. She is alone and caught in a trap sprung so long ago.

    In some parts of the world,women are not allowed to go out by themselves without being fully covered and with a male relative. Women often felt compelled to obey the rules and norms of the society they live in. That is how to survive. When I was growing up, I saw a chance of living a different life somewhere else in the books that I read. I pushed the gate open and ran as many did.

    The woman in the mirror is afraid of what is out there and would rather trust the sameness and security of her home. When I escaped into the outside world, I met many bullies especially in the college classroom and the work sites. It’s a price I was wiling to pay because in the time and place I was at, it was possible to gain my freedom.

    If the woman is a senior, she may be even more afraid of what is out there. Maybe her jail keeper is dead now. She still can’t leave the security of the home that was her prison for so long. Society does not value its senior members. Often we reflect the society around us inwardly: She may not value herself either. She may spend her entire life viewing the outside world from that window until she is finally released by the Grim Reaper.

    She may have a closet of shoes and the key to her place and no one blocking the door, but like so many seniors she will stay in her room. A friend of mine who did leave her apartment when she had to work to support herself and her children was afraid because she thought she had no right to be out there on her own, to work and provide for others. It took a deadbeat father to teach her that she did.. Others are afraid of the cruelty of people not realizing the cruelty of what they do to themselves.

    It’s a sad plight to be in an unlocked cage.

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