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One World Café presents KMA Sullivan

Photo credit: Dan Sullivan

KMA Sullivan is not only a poet, but also the publisher at YesYes Books, an independent publishing company which seeks to bring poetry and visual arts to a wider audience through innovative initiatives, such as poetry shots. Based in Blacksburg, Virgina, KMA Sullivan has brought up two biological and three adopted children, and is now making more time for her artistic life and YesYes Books.

Several of KMA Sullivan´s poems deal with being a mother and she brings to life her full experience of motherhood, capturing the intensity of all the different types of moments that it can bring, not only the saccharine sweet ones. On the contrary, KMA Sullivan shows us that these experiences can actually have a lot to do with heartache as you move from one moment of grief to the next, one goodbye to the next. KMA Sullivan also writes frankly about adopted families and their immense complexity, issues which rarely seem to be explored in a three-dimensional way in contemporary literature.

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KMA Sullivan is keen to draw out the intense connections between literature, visual art and music, and she does this not only as a writer, but also as a publisher. YesYes Books, therefore, seeks to bring together visual art and poetry and music and poetry. A little more than a year old now, YesYes Books has already published three full length collections of printed poetry and a series of digitally based eBooks, known as poetry shots. The goal of YesYes Books is to find as much brilliant poetry and art as they can and to bring it to the widest possible audience!

You can find out more information about KMA Sullivan and YesYes Books here.


Claire Hart
Claire Hart has two great loves: art and communication. She enjoys communicating about art. Breaking down and exploring barriers to communication is how she earns her living. She lives her life partly in German and partly in English, but always in colour.
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