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One World Café presents Éireann Lorsung

Éireann Lorsung is a writer of poems, essays and fiction whose current bodies of work are about femininity, embodiment, art, 20th-century history, and theory. In particular, a number of the poems in Lorsung´s latest poetry collection, HER BOOK, are directly inspired by her response to the work of visual artist Kiki Smith, who is well-known for her creation of “body art” in which she reinterprets and re-presents the physical female form. Lorsung´s poems are notable for their evocative visual qualities, their reflection on environments encountered, both psychological and physical, and their focus on feminity.

After growing up in Minneapolis in the USA and then completing her undergraduate (BA Japanese, BA English) degree and MFA there, Lorsung has now lived abroad for several years. The experience of living in other cultures has changed the way she sees the world and is also evident in her poetry. After moving to a small town in France, Lorsung came to to live in Nottingham, UK, where she did her doctorate in Critical Theory and spent a lot of time writing about love and deconstruction. She now lives in Ghent, Belgium and combines writing with running MIEL, which she describes as a “small and daring press”, with Jonathan Vanhaelst.

Lorsung has now followed-up her first book, Music For Landing Planes By (Milkweed Editions, 2007), with the forthcoming HER BOOK (Milkweed, 2013). In this podcast she reads some poems from this new collection and talks to Claire Hart about her inspiration and her approach to poetry writing.

You can find out more about Lorsung and her work on her website


Claire Hart
Claire Hart has two great loves: art and communication. She enjoys communicating about art. Breaking down and exploring barriers to communication is how she earns her living. She lives her life partly in German and partly in English, but always in colour.
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