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One World Café presents Amy Wright

Based in Clarksville, Tennessee, Amy Wright is the author of three chapbooks of poetry: There Are No New Ways To Kill A Man (Apostrophe Books, 2009), Farm (Finishing Line Press, 2010) and The Garden Will Give You A Fat Lip (Forthcoming). As well as being poet, Amy has the ability and versatility to write across genres and is also the Nonfiction Editor of Zone 3 Press and the Zone 3 journal. She is keen to share insights into the writer´s craft with others and does so by leading writing workshops and contributing regularly to The Writer´s Life on Her Circle Ezine. At the moment she is in the middle of handcrafting a letterhead press memoir, an excerpt from which has been published in Drunken Boat´s Handmade and Homemade issue.

In this podcast, Amy reads poems from The Garden Will Give You A Fat Lip and sheds some light on the inspiration and intentions behind her work. Amy sees the garden as a gender-less living entity which can be a luxury, but also helps us to feel more human and more connected with the world around us. In an unexpected but fascinating turn, the garden also becomes a socio-political metaphor for America and modern life.

Amy sees writers as gatherers of words and this seems to explain the tremendous eclecticism found in her poetry in terms of the influences and sources she draws on, from contemporary science through to philosophy and Marcel Proust.


Claire Hart
Claire Hart has two great loves: art and communication. She enjoys communicating about art. Breaking down and exploring barriers to communication is how she earns her living. She lives her life partly in German and partly in English, but always in colour.
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