Our Mission

HerCircleEzine.com is an online magazine of women’s creative arts and activism from around the globe. By celebrating artists and writers whose work addresses the social issues of our time, we strive to bring these issues to the fore, whilst reaffirming connections between art, politics, and life.

Artists and writers featured in HerCircleEzine.com use their work as a means of addressing identity, gender, ethnicity, politics, and statutes that surround and shape women’s lives, challenging us to reevaluate and re-imagine the world in which we live.

Our History

HerCircleEzine.com was founded in 2005 as an online literary magazine. Since that time, the scope of the magazine has expanded to include journalistic coverage of writers and artists engaged in socially and politically aware creative practice. In addition, the magazine features a series of blogs and other online media.

Institute of Arts & Social Engagement (IASE)

As of 2011, HerCircleEzine.com is published by the Institute of Arts & Social Engagement (IASE), an unincorporated collaboration dedicated to advancing socially engaged creative practice, including literary, visual and performing arts.