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Katherine Chua (Playwright) is a multidiscipline storyteller. She uses the mediums of writing, art, and theatre to capture moments and make them live forever. The foundation of her humor and curiosity is founded in the teachings and tales of her grandparents, Lolo Robert, Lola Ester, and Tita Chit. She has been a part of the Creative Arts Team (CAT) family, from the youth theater to the artistic staff for 16 years. She received her B.A. in Anthropology from Paul McGhee at New York University and is a candidate for a Masters in Childhood Education from Hunter College. She is currently writing a play from the perspective of those who interact with undocumented youth, with a specific focus on healthcare. Katherine is eternally grateful for all the support and enthusiasm of those around her. “I stand on the shoulders of giants.”
Kat Chua writes about the burden of carrying the secret of being an undocumented minor and living in the US. She discusses the cre...